Trilussa Foodstore

A start-up food born from a historic Roman restaurant: Taverna Trilussa.

A synonym of Roman excellence in cuisine, typical traditional dishes and above all ingredients that come from careful research by producers, which can now be purchased to relive the same magical culinary experience at home.

Our communication started from this basic concept which enhances the quality of the ingredients and enhances them with ad hoc images and videos taken in the restaurant kitchen to convey the soul of the recipes.

We created the packaging design of the product range, characterizing them with particular colors and thus creating a distinctive connotation.

The website is an e-commerce in which we have brought out the values of the brand, creating both the programming and the contents through a selection and art-direction of photographic images and videos.

The management and creation of social media is aimed at creating stimulating and entertaining content to strengthen the brand’s identity by highlighting its quality, refinement and also its Roman nature.

Nice to look at and good to eat!

Art direction | Digital strategy | Management and content of social channels | Programming  e-commerce content.