TRANSPARENCY | Andrea Branzi | photos Tom Vack

The volume “Transparency”, published by Galleria Giovanni Scacchi with Fortino Editions, proposes for the first time the work of Andrea Branzi with plexiglas: about sixty projects designed between 2002 and 2017, realized by the company Metea.

In the book, Branzi’s works are interpreted by photographer Tom Vack who, with his personal style, enhances the transparency, refraction and transmission characteristics of light that are typical of this material.

“I have photographed many objects in my career but this was the first time it was as important what you saw through the object as what the object was. The multi layers and optical quality combined with the socio cultural perspective of Andrea Branzi opened the idea to create backgrounds layered in a metaphorical reference to him. The perfection and lens like clarity of the pieces produced by Giovanni Scacchi for his company Metea, allowed these photos to reveal their qualities rather than hide their defects. Immensly a very satisfying project.” – Tom Vack