Adidas Originale

An example of a campaign that represents an aesthetic reference from all points of view is certainly Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner Spring/Summer 2023 created on the Jamaican coast by the pair of photographers and directors, twin brothers, Jalan and Jibril Durimel. Born in Paris to French-Caribbean parents, they spent two years on the island of Guadeloupe and then on the island of Saint Maarten.

They draw inspiration from their diverse upbringing, extensive exposure to different cultures, and cinematic influences.

For the occasion, the Durimel brothers have created a fashion film with dreamlike atmospheres, thanks to elements such as underwater filming and slow-motion running on the sand, to the background sound made up of the noises of nature as in an ASMR video, the feeling that prevails over the others is certainly a sort of nostalgia, which could be compared to the one you feel when you are away from home and look at photos of your homeland.

The photos reflect the aesthetics of Durimel, poetic and delicate, in a fantastic but at the same time real representation of a youth that seems to last forever.

“Our partnerships seem to work well because we’re all pretty assertive and intentional in our work. But we also share a staunch respect for spontaneity. This project developed like most others. Grace shares her thoughts on storytelling, but she always gives us the space to interpret the collection from our point of view. In the end, our collaborations are based on trust and this is what has excited us about the project since its inception”, these are the words of the Durimel brothers about their relationship with Grace Wales Bonner.