Tokujin Yoshioka won Milano Design Award 2017

Milano Design Award is the one and only prize that celebrates the best exhibition at Milano Design Week and presents to the best out of 40 nominees selected from more than 1300 exhibitors. “TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA x LG: S.F_Sense of the Future” won the HIGHEST PRIZE of Milano Design Award 2017, “for the ability to synthesize the conceptual, technological, narrative and emotional aspects in one single project”.

Tokujin Yoshioka is especially renowned for his poetic designs based on groundbreaking experimental techniques as well as for his ability to reflect the beauty of nature and the complexity of human senses in the mediums of design, art and architecture. This exhibition was hold in collaboration with LG to celebrate their 70th anniversary. It showcased a large-scale light installation with Tokujin Yoshioka’s new works “S.F chair” and “Wall of the Sun”, a vast mural of lighting, under the theme of SF.