Olafur Eliasson, Biennale di Venezia 2017

Olafur Eliasson brings his green light workshop to the venice art biennale 2017. First presented at TBA21 in Vienna last year, the artistic workshop responds to challenges arising from mass displacement and migration, shinning a light for asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. Participants are taught to fabricate green light lamps designed by Eliasson, and take part in a wider educational program of creativity and shared learning.

Eighty participants from a wide range of countries — including Nigeria, Gambia, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, sfghanistan, and China — take part in the program, working alongside the public to form and fabricate green light lamps.

Each of the Grenn Light modules is made from recycled, sustainable materials – wood (european ash), recycled yogurt cups, used plastic bags, recycled nylon, and green LEDs. They are designed to be stackable, functioning either on their own or combined to create more complex structures. the green light module is a unique form, based on the cube and the golden triangle. it was invented by long time friend and collaborator einar thorsteinn as part of the numerous geometric studies they undertook at the studio.

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